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3 Intranet Features That Simplify The Way You Work

By Jordan Weaver on 03/3/15

Too many times, companies try to roll out an intranet to employees that is neither intuitive nor easy to use. What follows after roll-out is a lack of user adoption, frustration from the project stakeholders who spent a lot of their time working on the intranet, and in a few months, a detrimentally underutilized digital workspace. Too often we hear frustrated SharePoint users saying: 

"It takes too much time to find what I need."

"I don't know how to add to or edit anything on our intranet."

 Codesigned took a stance early on to make user experience the key component of any intranet, extranet, or public-facing site that we create. Our first answer to these problems was Intranet. It should be simple to edit and update content and maintain your SharePoint intranet. . These three intranet features should be a part of any intranet implementation. 



1. Quick Search

Incorporated Quick Search across the entire intranet so that you can find exactly what you need when you need it. A quick search tool will: 


Filter News stories as you type:

Filter News stories as you type:



Filter documents on demand:

Filter documents on demand:



Search for collegues as you type. 

Search for collegues as you type.



2. Quick Add/Edit

In most SharePoint intranets, content editing is done on the back-end of the site. This means that to change existing content or add new content on your SharePoint site, a deeper understanding of SharePoint was required. With our intranet products,  we've kept all content edits on the front-end of SharePoint to keep content updates simple and quick.

Users who have permissions to add and edit items on the site should never have to fumble around trying to find where to add or edit the content in SharePoint.Intranets should present easy "New Item" buttons for users and the buttons are security trimmed, only available to those with correct permissions.



Add or Edit items anywhere on the site:



3. Intuitive Editing

Items on the front end of your site should be easy to edit. When we made Intranet,  users could add new photos to the banner from the landing page. They could even edit the text on the fly. Turning an image's display on or off was as simple as flipping a switch. We wanted to create an experience that users didn't need to be trained on to learn. 



Drag and drop. That's all you do:



We know how difficult it can be to stay on top of your SharePoint intranet, but with IntranetPro, end users are enabled and empowered to get the most out of their digital workspace with great search functionality, Quick Add and Quick Edit features, and intuitive editing.

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