Meet Intranet

By Kate Arora on 01/20/15

Today is an historic and very exciting day at Codesigned. We're releasing our first product to the market.

It's called Intranet, and it's a ready-made SharePoint solution that's delivered in five days from start to finish at a starting price of $17,500.


How did Intranet come about?

Wonderful: (adjective) inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good, marvelous.

Intranet is the technological brain child of several people at our office. It's also a product of our prevailing creed that we exist to create wonderful things that empower people to take ownership of their digital workspace.

SharePoint sometimes has a reputation for being overly complicated, and it's not always unfounded. We saw the need for something simpler than what a typical SharePoint implementation offered, because a full-blown SharePoint implementation isn't always the right fit for everyone financially or in terms of requirements. This is especially relevant to small businesses who haven't previously had the budget to accommodate an investment in their SharePoint environment. A great intranet is an essential piece to an organization's productivity, but acquiring the precise SharePoint solution didn't need to be so complicated. Intranet is our answer to this.

Be on the lookout for a blog post tomorrow from our CEO Jake Weaver about the vision behind Intranet.


Five days? That's a short turnaround time.

With Intranet, we've cut down a significant portion of development time, which is almost always the lengthiest and most expensive part of a SharePoint implementation. Intranet allows us to spend more time creating a beautifully branded and designed SharePoint intranet that fulfills your business's needs so that you can get back to doing what your business does best.


Really? Starting at $17,500?

Really. We know it sounds bananas, but it's true.


Be on the Lookout

You're going to be seeing a lot of information from us about Intranet now, so be on the lookout for more write ups about the design, technology, and vision behind Intranet in the coming days and weeks!

Interested in seeing Intranet in action? Schedule a demo with us.

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