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How IntranetPro gives retailers an edge

IntranetPro and it's purpose built time saving features have accelerated the pace of business at retailers across the country. Learn how it can give your operations the edge they need to succeed.


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Working with the Codesigned to build Talbot's custom IntranetPro front end was a great experience. Very flexible thinkers. The team made search work for us in a big way.
Bruce Neil
Vice President, Store Support

The problem of retail communication

Retail is one of the most challenging environments for internal communications and employee engagement. Not only do retail businesses need to maintain cohesive brand identity across multiple locations in different areas, but they also have to contend with other issues specific to retail. Communication with employees working in retail stores is complicated by the fact that staff may have limited access to computers, ever-changing schedules, and relatively high turnover rates. Add to this the constantly shifting promotions inherent to retail, and it is clear that internal communication is both distinctly difficult and intensely important in this sector.

So, can an intranet work for retail?

An intranet allows a company to share information with its staff in real-time, regardless of where or when they work. But it only works if there is widespread user adoption. A well thought out and custom-designed intranet solution is needed. Download the case study to learn how Talbots transformed their sales floor with IntranetPro.

Benefits of IntranetPro for retail
Why to rethink your corperate communations with an intranet launch
How IntranetPro was implemented
Retail sector key lessons

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