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Supercharge your project
We are designers, developers, and problem-solvers who make SharePoint beautiful and easy to use. Our user-first mentality influences every aspect of our work. We focus on what’s important to users, to help organizations achieve their goals.
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Codesigned Consulting Services

remote Sharepoint developer
SharePoint Consulting • SharePoint Custom Intranets
• Extranet Development
• Migration Planning/ Support
• Software Integration Support
• Workflow Management
• Custom Project Development
Office 365 Consulting • Sharepoint Onboarding
• Teams Setup and Governance
• Viva Connections
• Powerapps
Azure Cloud Services • Security and Disaster Recovery
• Azure Functions
• CDN Setup
• Blob Storage
• Webapps
SharePoint Search • Content and Infrastructure
• SharePoint Content Optimization
• Data and Document Management
Application Design • Design Systems Development
• UI/UX Design
• Storybook Deploymen
• Mobile Development
• Native Apps (iOS, Android)
Custom Development Smarts to build what your team needs - apps, integrations, you name it and we can work with you to bring what's next to life.

You're in good company

We've consulted on hundreds of projects for companies big and small.
By focusing on people first and building trust for the next challenge we jointly drive your vision to life.
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