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IntranetPro: Express Communications

Your team needs to be connected now more than ever. No cost solution that deploys in one week flat.

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We are designers, developers, and problem-solvers
who strive to create wonderful things.
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Our Story

We began in 2010 as a team of two SharePoint experts, offering a full range of SharePoint services. Today, as a team of nearly 40, we are more than SharePoint generalists. We are SharePoint intranet experts. After years of designing and developing SharePoint intranets, we learned what's most important to the people using them. We created IntranetPro to help organizations engage employees and be more productive.

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Why People Choose Codesigned

Our user-first mentality influences every aspect of our work. We focus on what's important to users, to help organizations achieve their goals. We like creating new things that make people's lives easier, and our dedication to innovation shows in the work that we do.

We're not a traditional IT firm; we work exclusively with SharePoint. We think SharePoint is a powerful tool that is meant to make your job easier, not harder, so we're committed to helping our clients get the most out of it. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we're recognized for helping organizations communicate and collaborate better.

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"It's a pleasure to work with Codesigned."

"We chose to work with Codesigned, not just because they knew SharePoint well, but also because of what they brought to the table design-wise. I enjoy working with the people at Codesigned because they're very patient, creative, and friendly."
John Gebhart, SharePoint Team Lead
RSUI Group, Inc.

Our Team

We're the type of people who dive headfirst into solving problems. At Codesigned, we believe we work better as a team than as a group of individuals. We are committed to one another and to the work we're doing. We also like to have fun and enjoy things like happy hours, ping-pong tournaments, and volunteering in our beloved ATL.

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