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Encourage Collaboration on Your Intranet : Department and Community Sites

Collaboration Across Departments

Keeping your departments isolated can lead to a silo mentality in your organization. A silo mentality occurs when the departments within a firm do not share information or collaborate. This harms your organization in many ways, including making it more difficult to innovate and compete with competitors, negatively impacting your bottom line and severely inhibiting employee engagement.

So, why not make it easy for your employees to share necessary information? With department and community sites on IntranetPro, users can follow a host of sites through their custom intranet portal. Once a site is followed, news and information that pertains to those departments and communities populates the individual's news and events pages as well as his or her homepage.


Increase Engagement and Hierarchical Collaboration

Not only should departments collaborate, but so should employees of different levels and job roles. Hierarchical classification systems can limit the collaboration capabilities of your employees. Department and community sites connect employees from all classifications to other employees with the same interests. By encouraging hierarchical collaboration, you're also investing in the skill-development of your workforce. Lower-level employees can learn tasks and processes more easily with better access to higher-ups. Employees benefit in skill-growth and career advancement opportunities while your organization benefits from a more skilled and collaborative workforce.

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By offering a platform for shared interests, even non-work related, IntranetPro provides a unique way to connect the members of your organization across departments, job roles, and classifications. 

Custom Intranet Experience

When a user follows a department or community site, his or her homepage is populated with news, updates, and events posted by content owners and other members of a site. Each individual user has the power to customize the information and content they see on their intranet portal. Employees only see content that matters to them, and will therefore be much more likely to use and engage on your organization's custom enterprise intranet. IntranetPro provides a custom intranet experience for each and every employee. 

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Engage Employees with Tailored Content

Custom content not only creates a unique individual experience for the user, but it also helps increase an employee's engagement with your company. Employees can search and discover communities they're interested in and find other employees they may not have met, were it not for the department and community sites on IntranetPro. Cultivate a tighter-knit group of employees and give them the power to tailor their intranet experience.


Connect Employees with Community Sites

Just because a group of people work at the same building, doesn't mean they know each other. Department and community sites on IntranetPro can help your business grow and improve your bottom line with increased engagement, collaboration, and information sharing. See how a custom enterprise intranet platform can increase engagement. Schedule a demo below. 

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