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Jordan Weaver

Jordan focuses on enhancing the user experience within SharePoint. Constantly asking “What Would Users Do?” he lives by a phrase he coined, “If your mom can edit her Facebook cover photo, you should be able to edit SharePoint.”
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5 Tips for Improving Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement should be an important goal for many organizations, but what's the best way to start? These five tips are a great place to begin.

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How Can I Use SharePoint?

SharePoint isn't a single concrete entity; it's a platform that can be shaped into many different tools.This is just some of what SharePoint can do for you.

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Why User Experience Design Matters for Your Intranet

Poor design drives users away, while good design increases employee engagement. Make your intranet the place for employees to easily find useful information.

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5 Steps to Drive Intranet User Adoption

Your intranet can be a powerful tool for your company, if people use it. Follow these steps to set your intranet up for success.

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Advantages of Using SharePoint for Content Management

SharePoint eliminates many hassles of document control and collaboration. Save time and money, and make your teams more productive and organized with SharePoint

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What You Need to Know about SharePoint 2016

Thinking about making the switch to SharePoint 2016? Take the time to make an informed decision for the good of your business and your end users.

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6 Benefits of Investing in a New Intranet

A new intranet is more than just a shiny new tool. From improved communication to increased productivity, here are six benefits of investing in a new intranet.

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5 SharePoint Security Best Practices

These SharePoint security tips can improve SharePoint security in your organization, helping to protect you from potentially devastating security breaches.

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How To Create a Better User Experience on Your Intranet

User experience plays an important role in the overall success of an intranet. Follow these guidelines to improve your intranet's user experience.

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3 Social Intranet Features That Promote User Engagement

An intranet should be functional, easy to use, and promote user engagement.These 3 seemingly unimportant features are essential to engaging your users.

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