Codesigned + Trees Atlanta

By Kate Arora on 06/5/14

In honor of World Environment Day, we're talking about trees! What does a SharePoint company have to say about the environment? Well, since you didn't ask but we like to divvy out information...

 Last week we had the opportunity to partner with a local Atlanta non-profit called Trees Atlanta. Trees Atlanta works to preserve and protect Atlanta's urban forest by planting trees and then overseeing the care and keeping of those trees for the rest of their lives. We were excited to help mulch and weed the areas around young trees in the Virginia Highland neighborhood.


We wanted to contribute to our community in a bigger way than we had with previous service projects. Trees Atlanta was suggested as an organization that would help us counteract the copious amount of printing that goes on at Codesigned. You'd think a technology company that designs electronic information systems would keep a small paper trail, but think again. We print and assemble countless documents to bring with us to client visits. Instead of simply contributing with a monetary donation, we wanted to donate our hours and hard work to reduce our carbon footprint and to give back to our community and environment.


We had such a great time working together with Trees Atlanta that, if you're in the Atlanta area and want to help protect our urban forest, we'd highly recommend getting involved with them. TA has volunteer opportunities in neighborhoods around Atlanta almost every Saturday of the year from 9:00am-12:00pm. Visit their website for more information about volunteer opportunities.