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Kate Arora

Kate is our Jr. Communications and Marketing Specialist, handling everything from social media to content campaigns. She's been with us since September 2013.
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What SharePoint Alternatives Are Missing

There is simply no platform out there is built to grow and adapt to the needs of your organization like SharePoint.

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Why is Intranet Essential for Communication

Common communication struggles like disseminating information and sharing content can be easily solved with a well-crafted SharePoint intranet.

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Meet Intranet

Our Newest Wonderful Creation

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Trey Galletly Joins Codesigned

Welcome, Trey!

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Interview with a Designer

Behind the scenes look at Codesigned.com. Designer, Zac Wall, talks about the challenges and victories faced in creating a responsive SharePoint website.

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Codesigned + Trees Atlanta

Partnering with Trees Atlanta to give back to the environment in our community.

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Jake Weaver for Business Person of the Year!

From computer nerd to an Emerging Entrepreneur honoree

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Engaging 2014

Our inaugural blog post and our intentions for 2014

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Innovations in Healthcare Technology

WellStar Health System Partners with Codesigned

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