Engaging 2014

By Kate Arora on 03/18/14

Welcome to Codesigned's premiere blog post! We're thrilled to finally be joining the rest of the best companies out there with great SharePoint blogs. We'll be releasing regular posts about all things SharePoint—from branding and design, infrastructure, using Nintex Workflow and Forms, and hosting to client work and the things we learn as we grow. Before we begin to leave a trail of techy blog posts on the web, I should tell you about us.


Established 2010

Our founders, Jake and Meredith Weaver, established this company in 2010. Both of them worked in the technology industry for years before they decided to take what they had learned and start fresh. They wanted to create things that had purpose, that actually helped people be better and more efficient at their jobs. Jake and Meredith had seen so many companies make a giant investment in SharePoint with nothing to show for it.  They knew that their expertise could solve that, and so Codesigned was born around their dining room table.


What we do

This company has grown a lot since then. We're now an office of twenty people—an arsenal of SharePoint architects, designers, business analysts, and sales and marketing mavens. We used to have a slogan that said, "We're weirdly passionate about SharePoint." We've since changed it, but it's still the truth. We're SharePoint experts, and we love what we do. 

Design is a key word for us. We started out as a SharePoint consultant company, but we're more than that. Our new slogan is "Create Wonderful Things" because we take pride in what we build for clients. In a world where everyone is able to connect through technology, we understand that people in the workforce need to be able to connect and collaborate easily and quickly. That's why we're committed to creating things that make people want to engage and collaborate—to feel apart of something bigger than themselves.



We want this year to be all about engaging—with each other, our clients, community, and with you.  We're working on a lot of innovative projects here, and we can't wait to share them with you. Check back with us regularly as we write about SharePoint, cool mockups of client work, and the things we learn as the year goes by.

Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn , or bookmark us for quick access. We're looking forward to keeping up with this blog and appreciate you reading it!