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4 Ways to Improve Internal Brand Awareness


Usually, when you think of marketing, you probably think of how to market to your customers.  Selling to customers is important, of course, but another market you might want to think about is your internal environment, i.e. your employees.  Your employees are the ones who create your brand and give it dimension in the world, but companies often ignore this crucial group and focus only on marketing their brand to outsiders.

Internal brand awareness is critical, because it helps employees make an emotional connection with your products and services – and that energy translates into happy customers.  Without impressing your brand on your employees, you run the risk of having them harbor negative feelings toward your brand or feel frustrated or disengaged.  With better brand awareness, employees are more likely to care about and believe in your company, which will improve company culture as a result.  Here are some tips that can help you start to increase internal brand awareness.


1. Define Your Internal Culture

The first step in helping you build brand awareness and improve brand identity is to actually define what your internal culture is.  If you haven’t fully defined who you are and who you want to be, it’s hard to make your company appeal to your employees.  Developing a specific definition of what your internal culture should look like will help you to be more consistent with your internal and external branding.


2. Get Internal and External Marketing in Sync

Your team needs to hear the exact same messages that your customers are hearing about your company.  It’s important that there isn’t a disconnect between what you are projecting to your employees and the way you’re presenting your image to an outside audience.  If employees are being told one thing but see a different message sent to the public, it can be confusing and can harm your team’s perception of company integrity.  The best way to do this is to create external ads that target both groups; this can also help your company create a more unified brand in general.


3. Use an Intranet

An intranet is a great tool for brand awareness.  It helps to increase employee engagement by getting your team on the same page.  When everyone is using the same unified system, it makes it easier to communicate information to employees and build brand culture.  Implementing a custom intranet portal enables feedback and communicates your company vision, so that everyone feels like a part of the bigger picture.  Between a ready-made intranet solution or a custom developed intranet, you can select the option that meets your team's specific needs and manages content such as policies, procedures, guidelines, updated goals, and more, in order to keep your team seeing eye to eye.


4. Encourage Input

Input from your employees should be encouraged across the board.  After all, they are the most valuable tool you have for defining and promoting your brand.  Having your staff maintain consistent communication is key.  An intranet is also a great way to create a central place for all employees to find out the latest news and information about your company.  Implementing social features, like the ability to "like" and comment on intranet content, is another great way to encourage input and drive user adoption on your intranet.  It creates a virtual hub that unites all of your employees.


It takes work to build internal brand awareness, but you’ll see plenty of trickle-down benefits once you get it right. Investing in your audience is, of course, important – but don’t forget to also invest in yourselves along the way.


An intranet built for engagement and brand awareness is essential for this process. Check out IntranetPro to see how your company can increase engagement. 

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