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IntranetPro's Customizable SharePoint Intranet Solution

IntranetPro's SharePoint Intranet Solution

Upon following sites, user's homepages will house a unique personal experience. IntranetPro curates documents, news, and events from employee's followed sites. presenting engaging content can improve employee morale and help increase your bottom line.

Constant SharePoint Intranet Developments

We’re always improving IntranetPro, our SharePoint intranet platform, to make it better for our users. Every update of IntranetPro includes improvements in speed and reliability for our clients. Improving employee engagement is at the center of our approach to building a SharePoint intranet. That's why we're excited to bring Followed Sites to our users. It's just one more way IntranetPro brings users the ease and ability to see and digest content that matters to them. Employees will be more engaged in their companies and will care more about their work. Employee engagement is a breeze with IntranetPro.

With this update, users get a quick glance at important content, from any number of sites. Not only will this help promote recent content across your organization, but users also feel as if the homepage was the hub of an intranet built specifically for them. Followed Sites help encourage employee engagement through the power of specialized content. Request a demo now to see for yourself. 

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