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5 Reasons Why SharePoint is the Best Intranet Platform


Dozens of companies provide corporate intranet software, but none of them have managed to exceed the robust capabilities of SharePoint. Challenges that large organizations face, in terms of documentation management and collaboration, demand solutions that organize countless tasks into efficient processes. The following five reasons for using SharePoint show how you and your company benefit from this leading intranet platform.


1. Easy Integration With Office 365 Apps

SharePoint arrives bundled with Office 365 apps, streamlining the creation, editing, and sharing of documents and other vital pieces of information. Integration of SharePoint with Office 365 makes it easy to export data from spreadsheets, share task distribution to Outlook, and chat privately via Yammer while the team edits a document on Office 365. 

Staff will find it easier to collaborate across groups while segmenting communications into specific tasks and teams. The ability to centralize a wide variety of content and tasks makes all SharePoint-related processes more time-efficient.


2. Out-of-the-Box Flexibility

Facilitating common needs for large enterprise intranets, including communication, document management, and analytics, is one of the big benefits of SharePoint.

SharePoint focuses on fulfilling the most common business needs out of the box while enabling extensive customization, resulting in a successful, engaging intranet. Since the majority of businesses have similar high-evel requirements, SharePoint helps to perform those functions flawlessly so your organization may tweak the rest of their intranet platform to produce the most efficient results.


3. Efficient, Secure Document Management

Storing, creating, and distributing documents plays a key part in providing your staff with the information necessary to excel in their roles. SharePoint gives you the ability to plan automated document creation workflows, passing changes on to the next contributor through the company intranet until the review process is complete. At the same time, you’ll be able to govern access to sensitive information, providing access solely to mission-critical personnel while tracking each version.

The location of data storage for documents may also be specified as part of a SharePoint document management plan, with a new location for each version of a file. You’re able to track the history of each document through an ID number assigned to the file, while content metadata can be used to quickly search for documents through SharePoint, according to specified categories.


4. Flexibility and Scalability

The shape and scope of company intranet may demand rapid change to accompany a rise in users or a shift in strategy that requires resources to be allocated to another business goal. A SharePoint intranet enables the expansion and retraction of SharePoint capabilities as needed, with cloud and mobile platform integration facilitating across-the-board agility.


5. Long-Term Platform Stability

Since SharePoint has been a key component of Microsoft’s business offerings for well over a decade, the software boasts a level of support and development that SharePoint alternatives are unable to match. This hasn’t led to an outright monopoly of the intranet market, but the evolution and history of the software has resulted in a lion’s share of business, especially among Fortune 500 companies. 

The majority of skilled information technology workers in the United States have developed knowledge of the advantages of SharePoint, while third-parties have partnered with Microsoft to grow the functionality of the software. This trend shows no sign of slowing down, which will only increase the influence of SharePoint and the range of out-of-box solutions ready for businesses to plug into their information systems.


Discussing why SharePoint is the best for an intranet solution can only go so far without considering your own corporate intranet needs. When you do so, you'll be able to determine how SharePoint benefits your company through superb document management, out-of-the-box flexibility, and easy integration with common, popular office productivity tools.


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