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Crisis communication at Texas Roadhouse

with guest Amanda Norton of Texas Roadhouse

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn ways to use your Intranet to its fullest, create engaging content for your team, and the path Texas Roadhouse took as they pivoted their business during the initial COVID-19 lockdown.

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With establishments across the US, Texas Roadhouse knew a one-size-fits-all response to the crisis wouldn’t work. Rapidly changing rules at the state and county level further highlighting the need for a hyper-localized reaction.

Texas Roadhouse’s marketing and design teams came up with a system of customizable documents to solve this issue. Over 400 design templates were created and stored on the Intranet, taking full advantage of Documenting on THRXLive. These materials let operators download and customize each to their unique needs, everything from parking lot layout, to pricing structure, to exclusive offers.

This combination of headquarters planning and local executions resulted in winning combinations rising to the top. First Responder Deals, Texas Roadhouse Farmer Market Days, and To-Go Grill Packs are some of the ideas that worked. More than just customers recognized their robust response; Influential selected Texas Roadhouse as one of the top-ten brands navigating the COVID-19 crisis.

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While COVID has been a challenging time for everyone, it has highlighted how useful our intranet is and set the communications and executive team up for success in utilizing the intranet into the future as well.

Amanda Norton
Amanda Norton
Communications Manager,
Texas Roadhouse

Their communication was very clear. I liked their website. The product ticked all the boxes – personalization of content, decluttering of information and strong analytics to measure.

Christian Son

IntranetPro is intuitive and modern. It has a clean, user-centered design that adapts to the likes and needs of the individuals. It exceeds my expectations. I’m impressed!

Chris Harrer
Chris Harrer
Director of Internal Communications,
Cox Communications, Inc.
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