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See all the features that make IntranetPro an Enterprise SharePoint Accelerator in this on-demand demo. Intranet Personalization, communication, and more!

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Join enterprise intranet expert Jordan Weaver and learn how IntranetPro can unlock the untapped potential of your Enterprise. In this quick product overview demonstration, IntranetPro's features covered are:


Smart Search

Quickly find anything on the intranet with IntranetPro’s search bar, available from everywhere on the site. Simple to use filters narrow down results so you can find anything you’re looking for without a second search.



IntranetPro is your enterprise's single source of truth, keeping your company aligned and culture-tuned. Whether it’s an urgent alert, a location-specific message, or the latest department news, IntranetPro is built to communicate - easily, beautifully, and quickly. The fully responsive experience lets executives compose on the go, communications professionals review between owners and ghost publish articles that make even the best blogs flush with envy.



With IntranetPro, fresh content is delivered to users based on their interests, permissions, and suggested feeds from management.



Engaging company-wide department sites, public and private community sites, and pages that let you build what you need - on brand with ease. Impact engagement and help your employees do their best work with versioning, rollbacks, co-authored documents, social comments, likes, events and more.



IntranetPro’s intuitive user interface is backed up with rich media, native video, out of the box social features, a popular employee directory, and more. Intranet analytics tools are deeply embedded across the experience, so authors can dive deep into what is driving traffic, who is engaging, and plan what to roll out next.



Built on and for Microsoft SharePoint - the premier enterprise collaboration platform.

Never miss a beat with your easy to administer, super secure, ready to launch in weeks IntranetPro. Our battle-tested solution is used by companies from 1000 to 100,000, so you can be assured you’re launching with the tools that count. With unlimited users standard, make your SharePoint investment work for you.

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See what Companies are saying about Codesigned

Working with the Codesigned to build Talbot's custom IntranetPro front end was a great experience. Very flexible thinkers. The team made search work for us in a big way.

Bruce Neal
Bruce Neal
Vice President, Store Support

IntranetPro has been our single source of truth between our Support Center and our operators… the clear line of communication has proven to be invaluable as we shifted our restaurants from dine-in to a to-go model.​

Amanda Norton
Amanda Norton
Communications Manager
Texas Roadhouse

IntranetPro is intuitive and modern. It has a clean, user-centered design that adapts to the likes and needs of the individuals. It exceeds my expectations. I’m impressed!

Chris Harrer
Chris Harrer
Director of Internal Communications
Cox Communications, Inc.
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