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Power of the personalized intranet

Discover the power a personalized intranet can provide your team, learn tools to keep your company engaged, and tips to onboard new employees remotely.

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Personalized Intranet

We're all accustomed to targeted advertising and recommended content. Seemingly thinking something today, and our social and search feeds are filled with relevant content suggestions. That is the power of personalized, tailored, and targeted content put to use to make us spend.


Internal communications professionals, human resource managers, and marketers are tasked to deliver the right content to the right people. What if an intranet could bring this same technique to the enterprise? If instead of spending, personalized content could help us do our jobs better and faster? See how it can increase engagement with the COVID bump well in the rearview mirror.


  • Files your team has used lately pushed to you automatically
  • content that helps you stay on track when working remotely
  • communities that keep employees engaged and moving forward 
Want to see how modern internet software supports this goal and enhances collaboration? Join this webinar to see the power of a personalized intranet, learn tools to keep your team engaged remotely, and tips to onboard new employees remotely.
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See what Companies are saying about Codesigned

Working with the Codesigned to build Talbot's custom IntranetPro front end was a great experience. Very flexible thinkers. The team made search work for us in a big way.

Bruce Neal
Bruce Neal
Vice President, Store Support

IntranetPro has been our single source of truth between our Support Center and our operators… the clear line of communication has proven to be invaluable as we shifted our restaurants from dine-in to a to-go model.​

Amanda Norton
Amanda Norton
Communications Manager
Texas Roadhouse

IntranetPro is intuitive and modern. It has a clean, user-centered design that adapts to the likes and needs of the individuals. It exceeds my expectations. I’m impressed!

Chris Harrer
Chris Harrer
Director of Internal Communications
Cox Communications, Inc.
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