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KWI Communications Finds a Modern Small Company Intranet.

KWI went to market for a corporate intranet and discovered IntranetPro's engaging and collaborative small company intranet that provided awesome features out-of-the-box.


Small Company Intranet Customer Overview

- Industry: Communications

- Company Size: Small - 28 users

- Location: Atlanta, GA

With a mix of corporate, agency and other industry experience, KWI Communications provides a fresh perspective to any communication challenge. KWI Communications are effective because they’re engaged. They are authentic. They are experts, executives, strategists and creative thinkers. KWI gets it. They’ll cut through the noise to the heart of your story, crafting it to engage your audience and strengthen your community. They’ll identify messages for change and make sure they get through, finding the perfect media outlet to embrace your brand. They’re the pen to your paper. The spark for your flame. Your true partner in communication.

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