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Texas Roadhouse Chooses IntranetPro for its Restaurant Intranet

Restaurant group, Texas Roundhouse, select IntranetPro’s modern intranet software solution to communicate with its thousands of employees.

Restaurant Intranet Customer Overview

- Industry: Restaurants

- Company Size: 56,300

- Location: Louisville, KY

Texas Roadhouse is a Western-style American restaurant group that specializes in steaks. Founded in 1993, the concept behind the restaurant was not just to be a family steak restaurant, but to be a place where everyone, of all ages, could come and have a great meal for a great price. Texas Roundhouse has proved to be very successful with 56,300 employees in 563 locations across the US and overseas.

In order to ensure consistency across the many establishments, Texas Roundhouse selected IntranetPro by Codesigned, a modern intranet software, to promote communication and collaboration with its employees. Texas Roundhouse is now able to share consistent information with all its employees via IntranetPro’s community platform allowing users to like, comment, share and inspire conversation.

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