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Discover why Marcus & Millichap chose IntranetPro for its real estate intranet. After assessing SharePoint intranets on the market, this commercial real estate brokerage firm selected IntranetPro to drive collaboration and employee engagement.

Marcus and Millchap

Real Estate Intranet Customer Overview

- Industry: Commercial Real Estate

- Company Size: 3,778

- Location: Calabasas, CA

Founded in 1971, Marcus & Millichap is a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm focusing exclusively on investment sales, financing, research, and advisory services, with more than 1,800 investment sales and financing professionals throughout the United States and Canada. The firm has perfected a powerful property marketing system that integrates broker specialization by property type and market area; the industry’s most comprehensive investment research; a long-standing culture of information sharing; relationships with the largest pool of qualified investors; and state-of-the-art technology matching buyers and sellers. In 2017, the firm closed 8,979 transactions with a sales volume of approximately $42.2 billion.

IntranetPro serves Marcus & Millichap by providing a collaborative intranet platform for their on and off-site employees to be able to access the resources they need and keep up-to-date with company events while away from the office. IntranetPro allows their professionals to keep all their data and information stored up in Microsoft SharePoint with the easy front-end interface of IntranetPro allowing them to quickly access and make use of all that, without the hassle of navigating basic SharePoint.

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