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Planning your 2022 intranet

Selecting and launching an intranet – either starting from scratch with nothing or redesigning and reimagining an outdated intranet – is a hugely complex task. This guide builds on expert advice from those that have done it, so you can win at the intranet in 2022.

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Learn how to:
Identify your corporate intranet problems correctly
Build intranet requirements across department
Define critical intranet stakeholder and questions to ask during project planning
Explore corporate intranet solutions and weigh software requirements
Build an intranet project team and plan for intranet launch

This guide provides you some basic foundational elements as you embark on the process of identifying the problems your intranet should - and will! - solve. Building requirements for your corporate intranet, exploring software solutions, and finally, selecting a partner.

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Intranet buying process
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Launching a modern corporate intranet is one of the most impactful projects an enterprise can take on. Whether it's simplifying search, saving time and money by reducing redundant tools, or keeping employees engaged and working their best, modern intranets are game-changers. We build IntranetPro to make reaching these goals easy, affordable, and attainable.

The complexity of bringing in a new internet is the planning phase. Intranets are hugely complex software systems that touch every part of an organization, so having all your teams aligned and bought in is essential.

We build this guide with help from our customers win at the corporate intranet in 2022. Discussed are key items such as identifying problems to be solved, researching potential solutions, and championing that solution internally with stakeholders from employees at the ground level to the C-suite. Documenting the buying process for these professionals and identifying potential roadblocks, and providing useful templates and contextual documentation, can be the difference between becoming a trusted vendor partner or becoming one of many solutions not chosen.

The following information will help you document the buying process for companies embarking on the process of launching a new or redesigned intranet, as well as map content to gaps that will support your prospects and clients, building a valuable partnership between them and you.

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The perfect combination – the right information on the website, a great demo and all the features/functionality I was searching for.

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We assumed IntranetPro could fulfill all our needs, with a multi-language intranet delivered on-time and within our budget.

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Kelly Frey
NSF International

They really get the business need. They take the need of the customer and fit them into the product.

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