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Reach: Evolution of the FrontLine Worker

This white paper explores FrontLine workers evolving needs and discusses why personalized communications are crucial to achieving greater engagement and job satisfaction with these employees.

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This paper is a must read if you are looking for ways to reach and impact:
Retail associates in brick-and-mortar stores
Sales reps, call center, and customer support staff
Factory, construction, and mining workers
Medical staff, nurses, and other healthcare workers
First responders assisting in emergencies

Learn about your frontline workers and discover ways to refine your communications strategy to the heroes of your workforce.

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Frontline Workers
HR, Comms, Management

Frontline workers are typically the unsung heroes of business. These workers have always played a critical role for their organizations and for society as a whole—from delivering products and services to people’s homes to saving lives in hospitals under unprecedented pressure. The COVID-19 pandemic has really launched these roles into being a necessity in the public eye.

However, even in the face of this dire need to support these workers, many organizations still have problems delivering key resources and news to the tools where frontline workers are working in ways that stick. In the first place, digital transformation was slow to reach frontline workers, with many organizations prioritizing office-based processes and personnel.

In recent years, this has been remedied, with increased investment in frontline technology, and accelerated even further due to COVID-19. Still, engagement in communications remains low.

In this whitepaper, we focus firmly on the frontline worker, their ever- evolving needs, and why personalized communications is key to achieving greater engagement and job satisfaction with these employees.

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In our daily work with helicopters, safety and the associated communications are of the highest importance. We use LiveTiles Reach to communicate internal information, news, and interesting facts easily to all departments and employees. 

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They really get the business need. They take the need of the customer and fit them into the product.

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