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Reach: Employee Experience App

From our partner LiveTiles, we're excited to offer Reach. This powerful employee experience application is the missing link to connecting your entire workforce - frontline, desked, and remote - regardless of license, platform, or tenancy.

livetiles reach employee engagement application
LiveTiles Reach Features:
Engaging communication app that works across device types so can reach all your employees
News, posts, pages, events, and more keep your team connected and aligned
Rich analytics help you drive employee engagement and peer-to-peer connection
Seamless integration with MS365, Teams, and other workplaces with LiveTiles powerful API

This feature sheet explains LiveTiles Reach in-depth.

See the entire feature sheet

Employee Experience App
HR, Comms, Managment

Do you have trouble connecting your hybrid team - frontline, remote, and desked - with the news and files they need to do their jobs? Download the feature sheet on LiveTiles Reach to see how this modern Employee Experience App can help. Secure, platform-agnostic, and enterprise-ready, Reach is your tool to boost engagement, connection, and productivity for all employees, regardless of where they work.

Reach's unique capabilities allow teams of all types quick access to knowledge, procedures, and guidelines. Rich news articles, social communication features, peer-to-peer news, chat, events, and mobile-first UX lets you effortlessly engage your team - from the office to the job site. Targeted and multilingual content expands your reach, and Reach's multitenant SaaS architecture lets you onboard new users consistently and on-brand in minutes.

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The perfect combination – the right information on the website, a great demo and all the features/functionality I was searching for.

Christian Son

In our daily work with helicopters, safety and the associated communications are of the highest importance. We use LiveTiles Reach to communicate internal information, news, and interesting facts easily to all departments and employees. 

Michael Peus
HELI TRANSAIR European Air Service

They really get the business need. They take the need of the customer and fit them into the product.

Josh Smith
Matt Smith