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Free Intranet ROI calculator. Find savings today!

The Intranet ROI calculator is designed to help you understand your current internal tools' cost, and proof out the hard number saving you can realize with a modern intranet, like IntranetPro.

intranet ROI calculator
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Understand intranet search cost and savings
See the value of streamlining workflows and processes
Calculate costs related to Q&A (interdepartmental, HR, IT, etc.) and see how intranets can lead to savings
Put value to email time, and see how reductions can increase productivity
Build an intranet business case for your executive team based on accurate ROI numbers.

ROI is one of the most important requirements for a corporate intranet, so when you are exploring software solutions, and finally, selecting a partner use this calculator to make sure you're not leaving money on the table.

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Intranet ROI calculator
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The Intranet ROI calculator looks at four primary areas of hard dollars cost savings found with modern intranets: Workflow streamlining and savings, employee Q&A time and savings, email reduction, and time saved with an upgraded search experience. This calculator provides the essential foundational elements new intranet customers look to define as they embark on identifying an upgraded, modern intranet.

Search alone is one of the largest culprits of wasted time in the workforce. McKinsey reported that "employees spend 1.8 hours every day – 9.2 hours per week, on average – searching and gather information. Put another way; businesses hire five employees, but only four shows up to work; the fifth is off to search for answers, but not contributing any value."

This value indicator, along with others, are built into the calculator for you to explore. Download the Intranet ROI calculator and give it a try today!

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The perfect combination – the right information on the website, a great demo and all the features/functionality I was searching for.

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We assumed IntranetPro could fulfill all our needs, with a multi-language intranet delivered on-time and within our budget.

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Kelly Frey
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They really get the business need. They take the need of the customer and fit them into the product.

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