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Measuring employee engagement

Employee engagement is more important than ever. But, measuring it has never been easy, until now. Learn how a SharePoint intranet helps you measure employee engagement.

You'll learn:
Why common methods fail to measure employee engagement
How popular measurement tactics harm employee engagement
How a collaborative intranet can increase employee engagement

Engaged employees are more productive employees. Common methods for measuring employee engagement produce inaccurate, results though. With only thirteen percent (13%) of the world's workforce engaged at work, results are more important than ever. Learn how an intranet can help measure employee engagement more efficiently.

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Employee engagement
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Employee engagement illustrates the enthusiasm and commitment employees bring to their workplace. Engagement levels affect every aspect of employee behavior and performance and, by extension, the organization as a whole. A recent Gallup study found that companies with engaged employees make 147% higher earnings per share than companies with disengaged employees. 

The effects of engagement and disengagement in the workplace are becoming increasingly important to organizations worldwide. How do companies know whether or not their employees are engaged? Is there a definitive measurement technique? Although employee engagement is a critical component to monitor, companies rarely measure it accurately. Commonly used methods yield inaccurate data, due to factors such as human error and outdated tactics
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