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The importance of employee engagement

Work has changed. Full remote, partially desked, un-desked, and the rise of contract workers has shifted both employee and employer expectations of the workplace.

You'll learn:
The negative effects disengaged employees have on their companies
The benefits of an engaged employee base
How a collaborative intranet can increase employee engagement

Engaged employees are more productive employees. Unfortunately, only thirteen percent (13%) of the world's workforce is engaged at work. Learn the deep importance of employee engagement and how to influence it for the better. Join thousands of your peers that have already downloaded this guide.

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Employee engagement
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An engaged employee is an employee who is involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work. Engaged employees are more likely to drive innovation and growth, produce original ideas, generate new business, and build new products and services. Unfortunately, only thirteen percent (13%) of the world’s workforce can be classified as engaged, while the rest fall into the not engaged and actively disengaged categories.

Disengaged employees negatively impact their companies in several ways. This paper will explore the prevalence and drawbacks of employee disengagement in the workplace, the benefits of increasing employee engagement, and how an intranet can be used to significantly improve employee engagement by enhancing the workplace environment.

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