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Accelerate your SharePoint and Office 365 environment with IntranetPro
IntranetPro is a Modern Intranet with powerful features and enhancements purpose-built to unlock the power of engagement within your Enterprise.
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Features of IntranetPro

Explore the features that set IntranetPro apart from all the rest

Smart Search Finally, the power to find what and who you're looking for without wasted clicks or searches.
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Communicate News and messaging across your entire organization, regardless of location or device.
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Personalize Fresh content delivered individually, based on interests, permissions, and suggested feeds from management.
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Collaborate Empower your employees to do their best work with public and private sites and pages.
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Engage If you’ve used an app, you’ll be right at home with IntranetPro. Rich media, native video, and social features.
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Succeed Never miss a beat with your fully responsive, secure, simple to govern, engaging intranet.
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Enterprise Customizations Break free of the box. Tailor IntranetPro to your business needs and employee requirements.
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Smart Search

Give your employees the power to find what and who they're looking for smartly, without wasted clicks or searches. Quickly find anything on the intranet with IntranetPro’s search bar, available from everywhere on the site. Simple to use filters narrow down results so you can find anything you’re looking for without a second search.

smart-search-2-header smart-search-header
Global Search Our powerful search scans your entire intranet, available from everywhere on IntranetPro
Smart Search Design Easily decipher between documents, news, events, links, and sites with user-friendly icons
Search Results Page Beautiful design, custom refiners, and intuitive verticals make for a powerful experience.
Typeahead Search Immediate search results as you type based on history, company search history, and most viewed
Promoted Search Top-line multiple specific search results to individual users based on program/ management needs
Customized Verticals Filter search results by Intranet item type: Documents, news, events, people, etc.
Enhanced Ranking Smarts that ensure your team only see the most relevant search results, every search.
Enhanced Refiners Quickly filter a large search result sets based on custom metadata.


IntranetPro is your enterprise's single source of truth, keeping your company aligned and culture-tuned. Whether it’s an urgent alert, a location-specific message, or the latest department news, IntranetPro is built to communicate - easily, beautifully, and quickly. The fully responsive experience lets executives compose on the go, communications professionals review between owners and ghost publish articles that make even the best blogs flush with envy.

communicate-2-header communicate-header
Powerful Content Management IntranetPro's powerful tools turn everyone into a content master, regardless of technical skill.
WYSIWYG Editing Freely write, add media, multiple content types, and edit articles with IntranetPro's 1:1 experience.
News Drafts Write and format your content within IntranetPro and leave in a draft state for team edits.
Scheduled Publishing Fill your monthly and quarterly content calendars to stay ahead and keep the team engaged.
Ghost Publishing Keep your company on tone and brand with ghost publishing for management and executives.
Rich Media Break free of tired, stale emails. Engage your organization with images, videos, and more.
Video Embed Embed videos right from your preferred service: Stream, Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, etc.
Targeted Notifications and Alerts Communicate critical information to your team at a specific or company-wide level.
Global Announcements Keep the organization informed quick to create color-coded banner announcements.
Comments Social commenting on content across IntranetPro keeps your organization engaged and heard.
Likes Quick likes help everyone on the team see what content is most useful and appreciated.


Finally, an internet made just for you ✌️ With IntranetPro, fresh content is delivered to users based on their interests, permissions, and suggested feeds from management.

personalize-header personalize-header
Personalized Homepage IntranetPro gives each user their own homepage with a feed based on their interests/ needs.
Personalized Content Relevant individualized news, documents, events, and social posts based on follows.
Personalized App Launcher Bookmark your essential desktop and SaaS applications right on your IntranetPro homepage.
Notifications Targeted, relevant notifications and alerts deliver critical information to specific users.
Following Mandated and users selected department and community sites are quick and easy to follow.
Social Feed Engage your audience with questions, polls, praise, photos, and more.


Easily work within and across departments with IntranetPro. Engaging company-wide department sites, public and private community sites, and pages that let you build what you need - on brand with ease. Impact engagement and help your employees do their best work with versioning, rollbacks, co-authored documents, social comments, likes, events and more.

collaborate-2-header collaborate-header
Work From Anywhere IntranetPro is built mobile-ready and responsive, so you can author and engage from anywhere.
Document Collaboration Multiple people can easily work together on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation.
Communities Public and private sites where employees can come together over a project or passion.
Discussions Talk and collaborate with ease with IntranetPro, ensuring all ideas are considered.
Commenting Social commenting on content across IntranetPro keeps your employees engaged and heard.
Social Liking Quick likes help everyone on the team see what content is most useful and appreciated.
People Directory Search and connect with people based on role, department, region, name, and more!
Organizational Chart Always know the line of command and whom to communicate what to with IntranetPro.
Events See what is coming up and what you should attend with Events across IntranetPro.


Say hello to your modern internet. IntranetPro’s consumer-grade interface takes cues from your favorite search and social media, so if you’ve used an app, you’ll be right at home. IntranetPro’s intuitive user interface is backed up with rich media, native video, out of the box social features, a popular employee directory, and more. Intranet analytics tools are deeply embedded across the experience, so authors can dive deep into what is driving traffic, who is engaging, and plan what to roll out next.

engage-header engage-header
Consumer Grade UX IntranetPro just works. Finally, an intranet that doesn't require an IT pedigree to navigate or use.
Personal Intranet Stay engaged with news, documents, events, notifications, and more - relevant to you.
Quick Links Keep employees informed with font and center links to updated policies, new guidance, etc.
Polls Fun and useful, gather feedback, and drive employee engagement with homepage polls.
Important Contacts IntranetPro keeps important contacts top of mind and easy to find across pages and sites.
Analytics Know who is engaged and with what with IntranetPro's deep analytics data across the intranet.
Easy Media • Attachments
• Bulk document upload
• Drag and drop
Multilingual Support Multilingual-ready day one. Primer día multilingüe. Prêt pour le multilingue le premier jour.


Built on and for Microsoft SharePoint - the premier enterprise collaboration platform.

Never miss a beat with your easy to administer, super secure, ready to launch in weeks IntranetPro. Our battle-tested solution is used by companies from 1000 to 100,000, so you can be assured you’re launching with the tools that count. With unlimited users standard, make your SharePoint investment work for you.

succeed-header succeed-header
Battle Tested Features Built for and trusted by enterprise organizations all over the world - we create the toolbox you need.
Military Grade Security Built 100% in Microsoft's SharePoint environment, including its best-in-class security.
Online, On-Prem, Hybrid Designed to meet companies where they are, with the tech stack they have today, onward.
Unlimited Users IntranetPro provided unlimited users so you can grow without user limits or expensive per-user fees sneaking up on you.
Dev. Environment Each install includes its own developers' environment, so your team can test, adjust, and roll out successfully.
Codesigned Intranet Navigators Our proven team of experts, with years of intranet deployment experience, guide each project.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager We love our customers and support each with a senior success manager to support your install.
Content Owner Training Live and recorded training sessions for content owners on IntranetPro.
Site Admin Training Live and recorded training sessions for admins of IntranetPro.
Target Response Times Know when you'll get a response to your support ticket with our targeted response times.
Premier Helpdesk IntranetPro support center backed up by our world-class team.

Break Free of The Box

No two enterprises are the same. You shouldn't be getting an experience made for another company that only solves a portion of your needs. We tailor each instance of IntranetPro to your exact business needs and employee requirements, including individualized intranet roadmaps for new features that provide a tailored intranet experience to help you iterate on your successes.

break-free-header break-free-header
Platform Upgrade Roadmap IntranetPro's roadmap for enhancements built from our customer's feedback.
Personalized Platform Roadmap Individualized intranet roadmaps for new features for a tailored IntranetPro experience.
Customized Development Fit IntranetPro to your exact business needs and employee requirements.
Technical Consulting Where Codesigned was started, our expert developers can level-up your SharePoint environment.
Custom Analytics Need a specific analytics solution? 3rd-party tools like Google Analytics build right in.
Federated Search Need to search other data sources at once? We can map out your IntranetPro solution.
Employee Marketplace Custom internal marketplaces for your employees to sell to other employees.
Custom Integrations Have industry-specific software that keeps your team running? We can integrate it!
Governance Map your processes, roles, standards, rules, and guidance is critical - we live for this.
Websites, Extranets, Hosting Intranet's and SharePoint are just a part of what our team can do.

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